Born in Bourg Saint Maurice Jean-Luc is a ‘native’. He grew up in Landry where he still lives today. Living in the mountains allows Jean-Luc to earn his living working as a ski instructor in the ESF in ARC 1800 in the winter and as a climbing instructor in the summer.


He spends his free time observing nature, the countryside and most of all the animals that he likes to photograph in their natural environment.

Being very close to the nature ever since his childhood he rediscovers the ‘ambiences’ he used to share with his father and sister in ‘his’ mountains ! Animal photography has become a true passion ! His perseverance, patience and anticipation has helped him produce photos that he considers not too bad for an amateur !!


For him the emotion felt when taking the photo should be conveyed in the finished photograph. He likes to say « I am above all a man ‘of the field’ and in general i need at least ten fieldtrips out to obtain one to four usable photos. »


About me

Throughout the mountains Jean-Luc likes to ‘blend’ into the countryside and his long hours of waiting are sometimes rewarded with some amazing photos.


A deep knowledge of his subjects is important too : « It’s not all about just wanting to obtain a beautiful image. On the one hand it can be dangerous for the survival of the animals, on the other hand it must be remembered that we have no control over the wildlife. Once we accept this we never become frustrated and we keep our enthusiasm for returning to the same place many times. »